Euro 6 truck drivers urged to pay attention to DPFs

DPF Clean Team say truck breakdowns at the height of a nationwide skills shortage could be detrimental

Euro 6 truck drivers urged to pay attention to DPFs
The cost of a DPF clean is significantly lower than a full replacement

The advice comes from national automotive parts reconditioning specialist, DPF Clean Team, who say drivers should have their DPF filter cleaned rather than replaced when clogged, returning vehicles to the road quickly, and at a lower cost than a full replacement.

DPF Clean Team Director, Cameron Bryce said: “At a time when logistics companies are updating their fleets with the latest Euro-6 trucks in order to benefit from reduced emissions, sustainability, and lower fuel costs, they need to make sure that they are making the most of this investment.

“The cost benefits and efficiencies that these trucks deliver can be wasted if operators need to take vehicles off the road for days to purchase and fit a replacement DPF, in the event of them becoming blocked.

“With an industry-wide driver shortage, every day a driver is not in a cab means lost capacity, unhappy customers, and lost business.”

Should drivers be alerted to the DPF warning light, the advice from DPF Clean Team is to have a filter cleaned rather than replaced.

A DPF clean can be completed and a vehicle returned to the road in a matter of days, which is considerably faster than the time associated with sourcing a new DPF, ordering and receiving the part, and then having it fitted.

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