Exhaust ‘drain holes’ help prevent corrosion, reports Bosal

Bosal Automotive discusses exhaust corrosion and how to prevent it

Exhaust ‘drain holes’ help prevent corrosion, reports Bosal
Bosal's drain hole enables condensate to drain, minimising interior corrosion.

Bosal Automotive & Industrial Components, one of the world’s major suppliers of complete exhaust systems, say corrosion can seriously compromise the lifespan of an exhaust system.

In a statement, the company said: “There are two types, internal and external.

“Internal corrosion occurs when condensate remains in the silencer, particularly on short journeys.

“The left over condensate has a very low pH value, which means high acidity content.

“This acid will gradually cause the exhaust to corrode from the inside and shorten its lifespan.

“External corrosion occurs on parts of the exhaust system that are left exposed beneath the vehicle, for instance when roads are salted during winter, as salt attacks the exposed pipe work and the wall of the box.

“Any repeated exposure may cause external corrosion.”

Internal corrosion prevention

Bosal has introduced a drain hole to its exhaust systems, mainly in the rear silencer to release the condensate.

The drain hole is a formed 2mm hole at the bottom of the inlet endcap of the lowest part of the exhaust system; this prevents the build-up of corrosion and prolongs the life of the exhaust.

While the drain hole may allow a small amount of exhaust gas to escape, Bosal say this leakage, which complies with EC regulations, is minimal and will not affect the car’s performance.

In terms of increased noise, any exhaust gas that the drain hole may allow to escape is inaudible and so will not affect the level of noise.

Bosal add that the drain hole should not be blocked; doing so will invalidate any warranty.

External corrosion prevention

Bosal uses high corrosion resistant aluminised steel both in and outside exhaust systems.

This considerably reinforces the products, making them resilient to even the most heavily salted roads.

The combination of superior materials and the drain hole concept helps to extend the life of Bosal’s exhaust systems.

For further information about Bosal exhausts, click ‘more details’ below.

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