Exhaust sensor demand to rise as emissions standards tighten

New range of Lucas Electrical exhaust sensors will ensure businesses maximize the potential benefits

Exhaust sensor demand to rise as emissions standards tighten
Lucas think green with a new range of exhaust sensor range.

Lucas has said it is anticipating a quick and significant increase in demand for exhaust gas temperature and pressure sensors as more and more technologically advanced, environmentally friendly vehicles reach an age where they fall into the target market of the independent automotive repair sector.

European emissions standards define the acceptable limits for exhaust emissions of new vehicles sold throughout Europe.

In order to meet these standards vehicle manufacturers have introduced a host of new components to their vehicles that monitor and help to control harmful emissions.

The UK aftermarket is familiar with Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valves and Lambda (Oxygen) Sensors, which now feature on a large percentage of the cars on our roads.

The aftermarket is currently less familiar, Lucas Electrical say, with newer technological advancements such as Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors (EGTS) and Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensors (EGPS), introduced as recently as 2008 to monitor conditions in the exhaust system.

Over 30 per cent of all new vehicles, including Volkswagen Automotive Group, Ford, Fiat, BMW, Renault and Mercedes, now use EGTS and EGPS.

EGPS plays a vital role in the regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter and so all sensors are built to original equipment specifications to ensure maximum longevity of the DPF.

Lucas advise garages to be aware of the increasing sales potential and the benefits of offering premium quality aftermarket brand such as Lucas over main dealer parts.

In a recent press release, Lucas Electrical said: “It is recommended that Exhaust Sensors be replaced at the same time as the Diesel Particulate Filter, as a worn or tired sensor may result in oversaturation and could cause premature DPF failure.

Lucas also recommends that new sensors be fitted if the exhaust is replaced as they are easily damaged in the process.”

To meet the rising demand, the company has introduced a new Exhaust Sensor range, built to exacting standards using original equipment specifications.

From just 100 part numbers, Lucas Electrical’s new Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor range covers over 10 million vehicles on the road – a figure that is set to rise significantly year on year.

All Lucas Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensors are manufactured to the highest standards in order to withstand the intense temperatures of up to 900˚C within the exhaust system.

The range also includes 10 Exhaust Gas Pressure Sensors covering over 3.5 million vehicles on UK roads.

For more information about Lucas Electrical click ‘More Details’ below or contact 01675 466 999.

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