Extended range of Siemens common rail injectors now repairable

Leading specialists Feather Diesel Services highlight Siemens common rail injectors that can be repaired

Extended range of Siemens common rail injectors now repairable
Siemens common rail injector (CRI).

The Yorkshire-based diesel fuel injection specialist is an authorised Siemens VDO agent, and has been performing approved test and repair services on injectors of this type for three years.

Jeff Morley, Marketing Director at Feather Diesel Services (FDS), said: “The repair process for Siemens common rail injectors (CRI) mirrors other authorised concepts where the injector is fully dismantled, cleaned and rebuilt with new nozzle, cap nut and service parts.

“Afterwards, the injector is then run on our Siemens VDO authorised test bench to check fuel delivery and calibration figures closely match the performance of a new injector.”

Siemens CRI have been fitted in a growing range of vehicles, running from early Euro 3 Ford applications to existing Euro 6 models.

Two CRI part numbers can be repaired for the popular Ford Lynx engine.

FDS can also repair two CRI part numbers on DV4 engines fitted to Citroen, Ford, Peugeot, Mazda and Toyota as well as five part numbers on DW10 engines fitted to Citroen, Ford, Peugeot and Volvo.

A ‘test only’ service is available on Nissan K9K and Lion V8 applications too.

Jeff added: “We hope that Siemens will launch test and repair for some of the Piezo injectors to further expand the aftermarket programme.”

Feather Diesel is approved by the world’s leading system manufacturers to repair a full range of diesel components.

They operate a free collection and delivery service to UK garages for repairs, whilst reconditioned service exchange units are available from stock.

For further information on repairable part numbers, or technical advice, just call 01422 387800.

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