‘Game changing’ DPF cleaner is a profitable solution

GSF Car Parts launch new professional DPF cleaner

‘Game changing’ DPF cleaner is a profitable solution
Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner.

The Vetech DPF cleaner, exclusively available through GSF Car Parts, is a non-flammable solution supplied in five litre containers for £28.95 + VAT and is suitable for all aluminium, magnesium, zinc or cadmium parts, as well as the latest generation of DPFs.

The solution is poured into the removed DPF and left overnight; the liquid gently breaks down and cleans the residues.

The following morning, simply rinse with clean water and refit.

The cleaner has been shown to remove all visible dirt, soot and ash trapped in the filter cores.

GSF say even the worst examples have all been returned to normal operating levels, performing at over 95 per cent of their ‘as new’ capacity.

John Wright, Garage Essentials Manager at GSF Car Parts, said: “We see the new Vetech Professional DPF Cleaner as a game changer.”

“Up until now, the workshop options have been to use pour-in additives, which can’t always clear more stubborn blockage, or have specialist workshop capital equipment to perform regenerations, which just isn’t viable for many independents.”

In a survey carried out earlier this year, 84 per cent of garages said they receive enquiries from motorists with DPF problems at least once a week and most reported that the number was of enquiries was increasing.

Early adopters of the new solution have reported it to be hugely successful.

Dennis Donohue, owner of D.S. Motors Birmingham, said: “One 2006 Saab was heading to the scrap yard as it was not regenerating, and was stuck in limp mode with a new DPF costing over £1,200.

“Within 24 hours, the vehicle was returned to the customer, as good as new, for a faction of the cost of a replacement.”

Tejveer Brar, owner of Star Garage London, said: “The first time I used the Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner was on a 2007 BMW 535 that was blocked so badly that is was a non-runner.

“The solution returned the DPF to the original level.”

Click ‘More Details’ below to inquire now about the new Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner.

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