Inappropriate tools could cost garages dear, say Corteco

Greater care when removing and installing oil seals will protect garages from expensive rectification costs

Inappropriate tools could cost garages dear, say Corteco
Seal off expensive rectification work.

The advice follows a Corteco campaign to make garages aware that most of the oil seals usually considered as ‘OE only parts’ are actually available through local motor factors.

Oil seal stock packs supplied by Corteco fit most applications among the top selling cars.

Screwdrivers and claw hammers are among a long list of inappropriate tools commonly used to seat or unseat oil seals, Corteco say.

In a recent press release, the supplier said: “Scratched surfaces can compromise the performance of new seals, while consequential damage to the lip of a sensitive oil seal could lead to leaks, oil contamination and even engine damage.

Corteco has used its position as the aftermarket distribution arm of Freudenberg, one of the world’s largest OE and aftermarket oil seal manufacturers, to develop a comprehensive Oil Seal Toolbox.

Inside is a wide range of aluminium attachments that transform tasks that used to be regarded as tricky into jobs that are easier and simpler to complete.

Workshop efficiency rates can be expected to increase as downtime is reduced and seal rectification work becomes a thing of the past, explains the supplier.

Follow the ‘More Details’ link below to find out more information about Corteco.

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