AA Garage Guide endorses ‘garage work provider’ report findings

Report seeks to underline importance of garages partnering with right businesses

AA Garage Guide endorses ‘garage work provider’ report findings
Association with such a trusted brand can provide a boost in terms of credibility and trustworthiness.

AA Garage Guide – provider of online bookings, patrol referrals and the ‘Certified Garage Programme’- welcomes the IGA’s recommendations contained within its recent ‘garage work provider’ report, as a means of ensuring absolute transparency for the good of both the consumer and the garages in its network.

Acknowledging the increasing importance of platforms such as AA Garage Guide in motorists’ search for reputable and reliable garages, the IGA’s report seeks to underline the importance of garages partnering with the right business, something AA Garage Guide fully endorses.

Edmund King OBE, AA president, commented: “The AA is committed to improving trust and transparency between UK vehicle owners and the garage industry, something our Garage Guide and Certified Garage Network strongly promote.”

The AA’s Certified initiative seeks to increase the exposure of proactive, customer-centric garages to the Garage Guide’s database.

Certified garages will benefit from access to approved branding, as well as an enhanced listing on the website and inclusion in all MOT and Service reminder emails.

Each garage is encouraged to maintain its own unique identity – the AA branding simply helps to provide customer reassurance.

Garages keen to become Certified must pass an inspection carried out by the Garage Guide assessment team, as well as agreeing to its ‘Garage Promise’, guaranteeing complete transparency, quality of work and customer confidence, as well as offering alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

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Olli Astley, managing director of AA Garage Services, said: “The growing role of platforms such as ours means that stringent measures such as those suggested by the IGA are absolutely necessary to ensure industry cohesion.

“Garages are doing exceptionally well within the Certified programme: indeed, the very reason it exists is to meet demand from the Garage Guide network.

“Garages that take time to really get to grips with the platform and engage with us are the ones seeing the most benefit.

“It’s like any tool you buy, you have to learn how to use it properly in order to achieve its full potential.

“As an open and transparent company, we actively encourage both businesses and bodies such as the IGA to work with us in order to fully understand our offering.”

Paul Herbert, communications manager at Certified garage JS Motors, added: “We’ve got AA branding on display in the waiting area and reception area and the future plan is to make it even more prominent.

“Without a shadow of a doubt, the AA branding comes with credibility, assurance and authority that tells its own story,”

Another business enjoying the benefits of the Certified programme is Renovo Autocentre Limited – garage owner Zeeshan Ahmad commented: “At Renovo we strive to do our utmost to help every customer, so that they are always happy with the service they receive.

“Becoming AA Certified has been a blessing to our business, it has given us a larger market of customers to demonstrate that our small but powerful garage can work to the high standards expected by the AA.”

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