Air con servicing: if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

GW columnist and garage owner, Jason Booth talks air conditioning and cut-price nationals

Air con servicing: if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well

Writing in his column in the latest issue of GW Views, Jason Booth said: “We’ve been getting the annual surge of calls from customers asking how much it will cost them for an air conditioning re-gas.

GW columnist and garage owner, Jason Booth.

“I explain that a straight forward re-gas may not cure their problem and that nine times out of ten, if the air conditioning isn’t working, it’s due to a leak in the system – most commonly from the condenser.

“The correct way to find a leak is to carry out a nitrogen pressure test but it’s not what most people want to hear, as it means the repair is likely going to cost them more.

“I explain to customers that it is in fact illegal to re-gas a system if I know it has got a leak.

“If there’s not any gas in the system then, depending on the age, it must have a leak so a pressure test is always required.

“I remember being quite worried when this legislation first came out and assumed that it was going to be vigorously policed…”

This article has been extracted from Garage Wire Views, click here to continue reading as Jason shares his anger over the lack of policing when it comes to air conditioning re-gas legislation…

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