Garage Wire Views Issue 1 is out now

The new digital-only magazine brings news review, supplier features, technical articles - and lots of real garage content...

Garage Wire Views Issue 1 is out now

The first issue of Garage Wire Views is out now. There’s one more to come in December 2015, then plans for four issues in 2016.

“One thing we’ve tried hard to do is maximise the content generated by real garages, so it’s a chance to read your Views rather than ours,” said Mike Ruff, Garage Wire Editor. “It’s been a busy few weeks pulling this together and we’re really grateful to everyone who took time to support and contribute.”

The publication also sees GW TV arrive. The YouTube channel will be host to a growing library of Garage Wire video content.

You can click the window below to read the digital-only publication on a smartphone, tablet or PC reader.

We’d be delighted to hear your thoughts – and of course, ideas for news to cover next time – or from volunteers with a story to tell for any of the feature items.

You can contact editor Mike Ruff via @GarageWireUK or by email using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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