Garage’s very honest job description goes viral

Airdrie Tyres & MOT Services Facebook ad has been shared thousands of times

Garage’s very honest job description goes viral
Photo: Airdrie Tyres & MOT Services

A job advert posted by a garage in Scotland has gone viral after the workshop owner posted an honest description of the role.

At the time of writing, the advert for a ‘yard boy’ at Airdrie Tyres & MOT Services in Lanarkshire had received 1900 likes and 648 comments, and been shared 2600 times.

Robert Sweeney says he’s after someone to “help out with tyre management and general chores around the garage”. So far, so very ordinary job description.

However, the ad goes on to say that the garage isn’t looking for “wee hard men, Insta guys or TikTok influencers”; we’ve omitted a word to keep things clean. The advert also says that the wages are poor – or words to that effect.

The job description in full:

“Now that the summer holidays are here, we are looking for a yard boy to help out with tyre management and general chores around the garage…

It’s Monday to Friday 9-5 – for the idiots that’s breakfast till dinner.

No wee hard men or f****s; also no insta guys or tik tok “influencers”… it’s engine oil here not baby oil… I don’t care who you know or who your da knows, just come, do the job and go up the road; stories are for bedtime.

Wages are utter p***, so don’t think your eating steak every night. It gets you out from under your maws feet and gives you enough for a vape and a couple of soups down the park so everyone’s happy..

No message applications,I don’t have time to break into 5000 messages with you to ask for a job and also don’t get your maw to phone or you’ll get laughed at.

This is a dirty job so no Yeezys or palm angels so you can tell your maw to stay away from DH gate; you’ll get a uniform so no need for that.

If you fancy being Airdrie Tyres & MOT Service’s new yard boy (or girl), call the garage on 01236 763223.

Source: Glasgow Live


  1. Are we all allowed to advertise like this, but then most of the unemployed out there do not want what this man is asking for . they can probably get more on the dole and a few deals(and clean hands, nor working from breakfast to dinner).Did any body apply

  2. With an attitude like that, he will not be able to keep hold of any staff, they will most likely walk out on him with in a short space of time.

    Let him do the work himself, he will soon be begging for help!

    He needs to learn some manners, l am surprised he receives application forms.

    Soon we will see the name of his garage on a list called. ‘This garage has gone into special measures’


    ‘This garage has gone bust’.


    ‘This garage is under new management ‘.


    ‘This garage is closed due to lacking customers’.


    ‘This garage has been SOLD’.

    It’s like picking a chocolate, which one do you to it will be?

    By the way ‘Honesty’ has manners!


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