Grey is the most popular new car colour – again

No sign of fade for grey

Grey is the most popular new car colour – again
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In the least surprising news of the year so far, grey remains the most popular colour for new car buyers in the UK.

This is according to data released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), which also confirmed that black and white are the second and third most popular colours. Most garage owners could have confirmed this by looking out of the workshop window.

Grey cars secured a 26.8 percent market share last year, with 509,194 cars registered in 2023. Almost two thirds of new cars (63.5 percent) were finished in grey, black or white.

At the opposite end of the colour spectrum, just 210 pink cars were registered in 2023, with one in ten of them sold in Berkshire. The nation’s least favourite colour is cream, with just 151 cars registered last year.

Top 10 car colours of 2023

  1. Grey: 509,194 registrations (26.8 percent market share)
  2. Black: 385,171 registrations (20.2 percent market share)
  3. White: 314,382 registrations (16.5 percent market share)
  4. Blue: 287,213 registrations (15.1 percent market share)
  5. Red: 142,179 registrations (7.5 percent market share)
  6. Silver: 124,482 registrations (6.5 percent market share)
  7. Green: 53,426 registrations (2.8 percent market share)
  8. Orange: 16,677 registrations (1.7 percent market share)
  9. Yellow: 11,880 registrations (0.9 percent market share)
  10. Bronze: 6,350 registrations (0.6 percent market share)

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “2023 was a bumper year for the British new car market, as buyers continued to gravitate towards familiar monochrome hues for another year – even as ever more motorists embrace new technologies.

“Car manufacturers have diligently expanded their offerings, with a huge selection of colour options available across hundreds of models and thousands of specification options. The extensive variety allows drivers flexibility in choosing a tint that embodies their individuality and style.”

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