GSF seeks stockists for new DPF cleaner

The summer-launched Vetech Professional DPF Cleaner has already risen to become a top seller

GSF seeks stockists for new DPF cleaner
The proven formulation is under a patent which GSF control.

GSF’s Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner hits a gap in the market between cheap, but often ineffective, pour-in treatments and the expensive options of specialist off-site cleaning, machine-based treatments or replacement.

The non-flammable patented solution is supplied in five litre containers, making it a simple line for factors to stock and sell, and for garages to keep on the shelf.

It’s suitable for all aluminium, magnesium, zinc or cadmium parts, and all latest generation DPFs.

To use it, the DPF is removed, then filled with the solution overnight. The liquid gently breaks down and cleans the residues. Afterwards, simply rinse with clean water and refit.

Adam Cooper of Specialist Vehicles in Plymouth said: “I thought it would be worth a go, I’m fed up of having to replace DPFs.

“It was really easy to use. We just filled the DPF up with the fluid, left it overnight, emptied it in the morning and it worked straight away – not a problem at all.

“The customer was expecting to have to replace his DPF so he ended up saving a fortune.”

GSF Car Parts say the decision to release the product for other motor factor stockists will allow more garages, and ultimately the wider aftermarket, to benefit.

“An Achilles heel for DPFs is lack of driver awareness,” said John Wright, Garage Essentials Manager at GSF Car Parts. “Over time they often become blocked by soot deposits.”

With most cars, the ‘regeneration’ process, which burns away accumulated soot, depends on high engine temperature over an extended driving time.

Garages are advised to contact their local branch to order or click ‘More Details’.

For motor factor or stockist enquiries, call 0121 7498801.

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  1. what’s the price for this product(New Vetech PDF Professional Cleaner)please


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