Halfords fined £30,000 for sending unwanted marketing emails

Unsolicited marketing emails were sent in a breach of electronic marketing rules, Information Commissioner’s Office finds

Halfords fined £30,000 for sending unwanted marketing emails
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Halfords has been handed a £30,000 fine after it was found to have sent around 500,000 unwanted marketing emails.

The fast fit and retailer brand received complaints for sending out emails about a government voucher scheme that gave people £50 off repairing a bike.

Halfords aimed to promote free bike assessments therefore advertising its own services, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) found.

ICO head of investigations Andy Curry said: “It is against the law to send marketing emails or texts to people without their permission.

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“Not only this, it is a violation of their privacy rights as well as being frustrating and downright annoying.

“Halfords are a household name and we expect companies like them to know and act better.

“This incident does not reflect well on the internal advice or processes and therefore a fine was warranted in this case.”

Electronic marketing rules mean companies cannot send emails or messages to people unless they have consented to it or they are an existing customer who has bought a product in the past.


  1. That’s great news.
    Does anyone know how to report these unwanted marketing e-mails?

    • Is there anything on ico website

      I seem to be subscribed to them. But don’t know how!


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