Honda glitch resets clocks to 2002

Fix for UK owners yet to be confirmed but US cars will automatically fix in August 2022

Honda glitch resets clocks to 2002

Honda owners are experiencing a bizarre problem with their dashboard clocks, after they were reset to January 1, 2002 on New Years Day.

The car maker doesn’t yet know what caused the problem with is affecting UK and US Honda vehicles released between 2004 and 2012.

Driving forums were flooded by dozens of concerned Honda owners in the days following January 1, 2022 after their dashboard clocks were reset to 00:00 on New Years Day, 2002.

Chris Callopy wrote on the Ridgeline Owners Club forum: “Today I drove to work. The clock reads January 1, 2002.

“The time is goofy.”

Poster VitaliyKuku added: “Same problem on my 2011 RTL.”

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Within hours, hundreds of drivers had come forward via Twitter, Facebook and motoring forums to detail their experience with the issue.

Others pointed out the glitch means in-car sat navs are now showing incorrect arrival times.

Sandie, a Honda CR-V 2007 owner from Scotland, told The Sun: “This is extremely annoying to say the least.”

The sat nav issue can’t be fixed until the dashboard clock issue is sorted, she explained.

Sandie, added: “You can’t change the time as the GPS satellite changes it for you

“If I go on a 24-minute journey, the sat nav insists on telling me I’ll arrive at 00:24.”

A Honda UK spokesperson told forum Honda CR-V Owners Club: “We have just received some more information regarding this and were advised that the Honda technical department are currently working on this.

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“Once there is a fix for this issue Honda authorized dealers will be made aware of it and will be able to assist with this at that point.

“It would be best to check with your local Honda authorised dealer for any updates as they would have the latest information for this and will be able to assist once the fix is released.”

However, Honda US said the issue will automatically fix itself in August 2022 – but there isn’t a solution till then.

A spokesperson said: “We have escalated the NAVI Clock Issue to our Engineering Team and they have informed us that you will experience issue from Jan 2022 thru August 2022 and then it will auto-correct.

“Please be assured that we will continue to monitor this and will advise you if a fix is available before that time.”

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