How to attract drivers who are failing to service their cars

Millions of motorists keep their cars off the road because they can't afford repairs, research shows

How to attract drivers who are failing to service their cars
In the last two years, more than 4M car owners have been forced to keep their car off the road because they couldn't afford repairs.

More than four million car owners have been left without a vehicle because repairs were too expensive, and half kept their car off the road for a month or longer.

Worryingly, 1.2M drivers admitted that they had driven their car while it was unroadworthy, while one in three have carried out repairs themselves.

Often motorists skip their car’s annual service to avoid having to pay for repairs but, of those who admitted to this, almost 80 per cent said that they then had to get repairs carried out on their car in the next two years.

Alex Knight of CarVue explained that garage owners need to identify motorists who are forgoing regular servicing or are failing to undertake repairs.

He said: “Log onto your database and call up a report to find out which customers have booked their cars into your business over the past six months to a year.

“If you are using CarVue this is easy. You can do it from home whilst you’re sat in front of the TV on your tablet or smartphone because everything is stored in the cloud so you can access it at anytime and anywhere.”

With the right data, garages can identify work that is outstanding and send the owner an email or letter reminder.

Alex added: “If you told Mr Smith he would need new tyres in about 2,000 miles and three months have elapsed, send him a gentle reminder accompanied by an offer.

“Mr Smith has probably forgotten and will be grateful that you have helped him potentially avoid penalty points on his licence and a fine as well as ensuring his vehicle is safe for the road.”

For more information about how CarVue and to sign up for CarVue Free, just follow the ‘More Details’ link below.

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