Independent wins over 250 jobs with WhoCanFixMyCar membership

Thomsons Auto Centre report almost £100,000 of extra business in one year

Independent wins over 250 jobs with WhoCanFixMyCar membership
Thomsons Auto Centre get off to a flying start on

The East Kilbride-based garage in South Lanarkshire has registered its 250th job won on, less than a year after signing up.

Clutch repairs, brake pads, discs, servicing and MOTs ranked high on the list of common jobs won by the garage, with the most common models being the Vauxhall Astra and Corsa.

WhoCanFixMyCar say Thomsons Auto Centre won approximately £80,000-90,000 worth of work, paying just £2,682 commission.

Drew Irvine, of Thomsons Auto Centre, said the garage has seen 20 per cent of these customers return for additional work – commission-free – during the same year.

Alex Rose, Marketing Director at WhoCanFixMyCar, said: “ allow garages to see a customer’s phone number once they’ve quoted, so Drew can follow his quote up with a courtesy call, and even get the car booked in then and there.

“Reviews are the secret weapon in his arsenal – he’s got 128 of them, and a proud 100 per cent positive customer rating, which he makes sure to highlight whenever he applies for work!”

WCFMC jobs postedMr Irvine explained that he has used the online service to network with other garages, once putting a customer in contact with a highly rated workshop after they developed a problem away from home.

Mr Irvine said: “I had worked on a Bentley Continental GTC which had developed what we believed to be a wheel bearing issue.

“Trouble was, the driver was down south at the time! The good news is that I was able to nip into and look up the highest-rated garages in the area, which is how I found Automotive Components Specialist.

“I could simply pick up the phone and put my original customer in touch with them, knowing from their glowing feedback that a car like that would be in safe hands.”

WhoCanFixMyCar has announced that it will continue to roll out a number of new features, with a real-time news feed, deep performance analytics and template quotes launched just last month.

Join over 6,500 Garages already registered and click ‘More Details’ below to find out more WhoCanFixMyCar and what it will bring to your business.

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