Independents to voice ‘Views’ in new digital magazine

With the launch of Garage Wire Views due this summer, we want to hear all about the issues that matter to you

Independents to voice ‘Views’ in new digital magazine
Garage Wire Views is set for publication later this year, sharing your news and 'Views'.

Garage Wire will be adding a new digital magazine called ‘Views’ in August, the first of two issues planned for 2015.

“Adding ‘Views’ creates the opportunity to revisit topical areas of interest in more detail,” said Garage Wire Editor Michael Ruff.

The digital magazine is being positioned as a voice for independent garages, meaning editorial opinion and commentary will be kept to an absolute minimum.

The aim instead, is to tackle big issues and popular news from the website in more detail, and from garages’ perspectives.

Garage Wire hope to showcase the wealth of expertise the UK independent aftermarket offers.

“We want to get garage thoughts and comments on all the latest issues, because we understand that experiences of other garages at the sharp-end has far more value for readers than our own opinions,” added Mike.

To make best-use of digital technology, the magazine will have strong visual appeal and will also include interactive media, audio and video.

Garage Wire will be looking for content from garages in the coming weeks so all ideas for subjects to cover are welcome.

You can contact Michael Ruff by calling 07525 832 209 or emailing using the ‘More Details’ button below.

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