WhoCanFixMyCar celebrates 100,000 jobs

Users have increased sixfold in the past 12 months with 10,000 drivers expected to use the service this month

WhoCanFixMyCar celebrates 100,000 jobs
A 10k per month WhoCanFixMyCar top performer.

What makes a slipping clutch on a Ford Ka in Rainham, Essex, so special? Well, at 21:47 on Friday night, it became the 100,000th service/repair job posted on WhoCanFixMyCar.com.

Like the 99,999 jobs before it, the lead was sent to local WhoCanFixMyCar garages and mechanics, who are invited to quote on the work for free, paying a small commission when they win a new customer.

From mid-2014, WhoCanFixMyCar caught the imagination of drivers, fuelled by a rapidly improving website and a number of high-profile press features, including the FT, Economist, Guardian and Telegraph in the past year.

Common repairs

With so many of them on the road, it’s hardly surprising that Ford and Vauxhall dominate the repair listings, with the VW Golf and big-selling French hatches also making the list.

The BMW 3-Series is the second most popular car of all, a testament to their owners’ desire to keep older variants on the road, and the number of independent BMW specialists on WhoCanFixMyCar’s 6,300-strong garage database.

While the site is used for everything from window tinting to full-on restoration, member garages see every day, mechanical work (clutches, brakes, servicing, cambelts and the like) the most, contributing to an average final bill of £350 for work won through the site.

Rare cars

With 10,000 new jobs posted every month, it’s little surprise that some unusual metal goes through WhoCanFixMyCar.

Among the more interesting marques was a Bugatti Veyron, booked in for a full service and MOT, a Rover P6, booked in for a full respray and a BMW i3 for a SMART repair.

WhoCanFixMyCar members

WhoCanFixMyCar say garages are taking thousands of pounds of revenue through its online service, with the most successful members making £250k each from the site.

Members pay £50+ VAT for 12 months membership, and only pay again when they actually win a new customer.

Click ‘More Details’ below to find out more about WhoCanFixMyCar, contact 0191 269 6875 or email [email protected].

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