Aftermarket magazine to cease publishing

July 2015 marks the last ever issue for the well respected automotive aftermarket title

Aftermarket magazine to cease publishing
The Aftermarket magazine team say farewell.

In his final editor’s comment for Aftermarket magazine, Phil Curry has announced the publication’s closure after 23 years.

The news follows Bob Sockl’s retirement from his position as Director of Crystal Communications and will also see the demise of Top Technician magazine and the Top Technician event.

Under the heading It’s goodbye from Aftermarket magazine, Mr Curry wrote: “It’s sad to say but this will be my last Editor’s Comment and the last newsletter.

“Despite everyone’s best efforts, no viable way to continue could be found.”

Competitions running on the Aftermarket website will continue until their closing dates, when the entries will be drawn and the winners notified.

Mr Curry added: “My involvement has opened my eyes to just how important the UK aftermarket is to the automotive industry as a whole, as well as the challenges it faces on a day to day basis.

“It is also encouraging to see that these challenges are being accepted and met, or fought, by people with a pure passion for the market, something which I am sure will continue with every new problem that is encountered.”

The news broke suddenly last week and came as a surprise to those working in the aftermarket, with some taking to twitter to share their sadness…

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