Klarius produce Toyota Prius Hybrid exhaust system

Moving with the market to facilitate the green evolution taking place on our roads

Klarius produce Toyota Prius Hybrid exhaust system
An exhaust system on a hybrid vehicle has to be of the highest quality and perfectly installed, otherwise the performance of the car is drastically affected.

The ‘green’ car market is dominated by hybrids, arguably the most famous of these being the Toyota Prius.

Running a shared powertrain of an electric motor and a small combustion engine, these vehicles require high performance emissions equipment.

Klarius say the exhaust systems on hybrid vehicles must be to be of the highest quality and perfectly installed.

The first sign of an improperly fitted exhaust is an increase in noise pollution, causing disturbance to other road users.

The general efficiency of the car will also diminish due to increased back pressure, creating a resistance to the escaping flow of exhaust gases and decreasing the power output of the car.

A recent study by Klarius using a competitor Prius exhaust product found that the exhaust did not meet Type-Approval specification for quality, making it unsuitable to be sold in the EU market due to higher pollution levels.

The exhaust also turned out to be three decibels louder than the respective Klarius system.

This low quality was also found to facilitate higher back pressure, lowering fuel economy and damaging the environment.

All products in the Klarius range are Type-Approved and are rigorously tested to ensure they attain expected internal and EU standards.

This guarantees that Klarius parts will be as good as OE parts or better, which for an advanced hybrid vehicle like a Prius, means safeguarding its low environmental impact.

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