Unipart components range grows to 5,000 references in two months

The achievement follows extensive work to re-establish the Unipart brand in the automotive aftermarket

Unipart components range grows to 5,000 references in two months
There's more than 1000 pads and discs available in the range.

The Unipart Autoparts range for cars, car derived vans and light commercial vehicles continues to grow with key product areas in MOT and servicing.

In a recent statement, Unipart has said that all products under the Unipart brand match OE quality, just as they always have done.

Engine oils are fast becoming Vehicle Manufacturer specific, with a 5W 30 for one vehicle manufacturer an unsuitable substitute for another 5W 30.

Critical items such as turbos, catalysts, EGR valves and DPF’s can all fail if the incorrect oil is used in the car.

The range of Unipart oils carry OEM approvals and Unipart filters are probably the best known brand in the UK’s Automotive Aftermarket, with nearly 900 part numbers in our new range.

Protection of the engine from harmful particulates has never been more important, so the performance oil, air and fuel filter must be second to none.

With over 1000 pads & discs available, Unipart has always maintained a high standard in the safety-critical range.

With the continued demand of parts for new vehicles, there’s talk of further extensions and coverage in new product areas.

For more information, click ‘More Details’ below to contact Unipart.

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