Lamb chops stuffed in exhaust in bizarre meat attack

Motive remains a mystery as police begin investigation

Lamb chops stuffed in exhaust in bizarre meat attack

Police are investigating after lamb chops were stuffed in a car exhaust pipe amid a spate of attacks.

Lamb chops were stuck in the exhaust pipe of one car and chicken drumsticks were placed in the wheel rim of another.

Eggs and raw meat were also thrown at two properties in Credenhill Hereford, last Saturday night but the motive remains unclear.

A statement from West Murcia police read: “We are investigating an incident in Credenhill Hereford.

“On the 2nd April at approximately 21:35 eggs and raw meat were thrown at a property in the area.

“The offender then proceeded to stuff lamb chops in to the exhaust pipe of a vehicle that was parked on the driveway.

“Another property nearby also had food thrown at it.”


  1. perhaps there barbeque had broken ?

  2. Barbequed and delivered in one!

  3. was it a lamb-orghini by any chance

  4. Difficult to gauge by the photo the size of that exhaust.

    Naybour of mine had VERY loud exhaust that woke everyone up.
    That had a 2litre coke bottle, rags, custom restrictor make out of a Volvo boot lid. Last thing to try was small section of sink waste pipe full of nuts and bolts in a plastic bag.

    Ok it all dropped out as not really possible to drill a hole in his exhaust to secure anything. Would have tigersealed something in but needed cleaning, etc

    By which time he had got rid of it. 2am perfect time but in winter just to cold

  5. It beats potato s and snowballs I suppose


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