Legally parked vans told to “go away” in graffiti messages

Vigilante locals spray paint insults on 'eyesore' vehicles in Brighton

Legally parked vans told to “go away” in graffiti messages
Locals say the 'vans' have been parked up for months.

Vans and motor homes that have been left legally parked on residential roads for months have daubed with graffiti by fed up locals.

Campaigners have tried to get Brighton and Hove City Council’s transport committee to bring forward consultations over making Surrenden Road a controlled parking zone.

Rynd Smith, the leader of the campaign, condemned the vandalism carried out recently.

He said: “Our campaign does not condone this behaviour at all, and we would ask anybody who knows anything about it to contact the police.”

Terry Page, of the Surrenden Area Parking Campaign, said: “It seems to be many vans and campervans parked here for months that are being singled out.

“Obviously somebody has got frustrated with them parking there.”

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