Man puts dealership’s courtesy car up for sale during dispute

The £25,000 courtesy car was advertised for sale following a long-running dispute over vehicle repairs

Man puts dealership’s courtesy car up for sale during dispute
James Anderson was left frustrated with Arnold Clark after the company failed to deal with his dispute.

Dundee Sheriff Court has heard how James Anderson registered Arnold Clark’s Mercedes Benz in his own name before advertising it on the internet after becoming frustrated with an ongoing fault on his own car.

Anderson’s solicitor said that the 49-year-old had no intention of carrying out the sale but had strayed into the “realms of extortion” in an attempt to resolve his dispute with the company.

Depute fiscal, Susan Ruta told the court that Arnold Clark had given Anderson a courtesy car after an ongoing fault with his vehicle.

She said: “He was not happy with the work done and said he would not be returning their vehicle until new repairs were done on his (car).

“He made it quite clear he was not going to return the car to Arnold Clark.”

Theo Finlay, defending, said: “It was a long-standing protracted dispute. He had paid a substantial amount of money to them over a period of time.

“Ultimately, in September 2013, the car was driven about 50 yards and it broke down again. It always was his intention that the vehicle would be returned to the complainers once they had rectified the situation.

“The dispute simply continued – what he was doing was cranking up the pressure and trying to force them into dealing with him.”

Fining Anderson £150, Sheriff Wood said: “The circumstances are very unusual, unique even. But your conduct was criminal and I have to mark that.”

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