Video: GSF’s new DPF Professional Cleaner is put to the test

GW visits DS Motor Repairs in Birmingham to find out how the new Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner works

Video: GSF’s new DPF Professional Cleaner is put to the test
DS Motor Repairs recommends GSF's new Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner.

Launched earlier this year, the new DPF cleaner has received high praise from independent garages.

Intrigued to find out more about what has been described as a ‘game-changer’, GW caught up with Dennis Donohoe of DS Motor Repairs in Birmingham during a DPF clean on a Peugeot 508 with more than 100,000 miles on the clock.

Dennis told GWTV: “In the past we’ve tried forced-regeneration with the car and we’ve given it back to the customer but 90 per cent of the time we see a repeat of the same problem because the regeneration only ever gets it down to something in the region of 40 per cent.

“With the new product, we’ve got it down as low as eight per cent.”

Watch the video below to find out why this new, revolutionary product is an essential for independent garages.

John Wright, Garage Essentials Manager at GSF Car Parts, said: “Up until now, the workshop options have been to use pour-in additives, which can’t always clear more stubborn blockage, or have specialist workshop capital equipment to perform regenerations, which just isn’t viable for many independents.”

Dennis explained that the new cleaner will enable him to repair increasingly common DPF faults efficiently for the vehicle owner and still make a healthy profit for his business.

Joseph De Silva, Finance Director at GSF Car Parts, said: “Garages can make a decent profit, over and above what they’re currently doing thanks to this new professional DPF Cleaner.”

The solution is poured directly into the removed DPF and left overnight, while the liquid gently breaks down and cleans the residues.

The following morning, the DPF is rinsed and refitted to the vehicle.

GSF say even the worst examples have been returned to normal operating levels, performing at over 95 per cent of their ‘as new’ capacity.

Click ‘More Details’ below to inquire now about the new Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner.

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