Manufacturer-approved tyre changers designed with “technician in mind”

Products from Corghi come with full training, maintenance and support for workshops

Manufacturer-approved tyre changers designed with “technician in mind”
Corghi's range of tyre changers are available exclusively with REMA TIP TOP.

REMA TIP TOP, the exclusive supplier and distributer of CORGHI products in the UK, has announced the latest CORGHI-manufactured tyre changers have been designed with the technician in mind – boosting efficiency and reliability for garages.

In a statement, REMA TOP TIP explained how it belives the CORGHI tyre changing products deliver improved return on investment (ROI) for workshops.

They said: “As part of our commitment to providing superior products, CORGHI tyre changers are built to take the heavy workload required by many automotive workshops.

“When it comes to tyre changers, the priority for many workshops is ease of operation.

“Fast turnaround of workload and simplicity are both items that support the ROI equation for businesses.

“Being able to quickly and easily turnaround workshop workload with the minimum of fuss helps to deliver maximum results.

Maximum time efficiency

“All CORGHI tyre changer machines are designed to maximum time efficiency and provide the desired return on investment.

“REMA TIP TOP supports the local market by holding a large range of CORGHI equipment stock and spare parts.

“This provides the necessary infrastructure to support customers over the long term.”

REMA TIP TOP provide a full range of services on its CORGHI tyre changer machines from installation to ongoing maintenance and support, if required.

The brand is also a multi award-winning NTDA Aftermarket Equipment Supplier of the Year.

Full training for technicians

As with all CORGHI products, full training services for users and technicians are available to all our customers both at the REMA TIP TOP training school in Leeds, West Yorkshire and on-site at a business’ own premises.

CORGHI manufactures a range of tyre changer machines to cater for light and heavy vehicles including cars, SUV’s, vans, motorbikes, commercial trucks, buses and earth moving equipment.

The company also has mobile tyre changer solutions for companies providing a mobile tyre changing service – for those who wish to start a mobile tyre changing business.

The range includes both automatic tyre changer machines as well as semi automatic tyre changers.

OEM approvals

CORGHI tyre changers hold OEM approvals from a range of Automotive brands giving our customers a greater peace of mind in making the decision to purchase CORGHI products.

For REMA TIP TOP’s latest deals on CORGHI tyre changing equipment contact Bruce Somerville or Andy Doherty at REMA TIP TOP on 0113 2770044.

To find out more about REMA TOP TIP and its exclusive stocking of CORGHI products, click ‘more details’ below.

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