Mechanic is banned for ‘appalling and disgraceful’ driving

Daniel Jones was caught doing 127mph in a 60mph zone

Mechanic is banned for ‘appalling and disgraceful’ driving
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A mechanic from Shropshire has been banned from driving after being caught speeding at 127mph in a 60mph zone on his way home from work in Welshpool.

Daniel Jones, 22, from Oswestry, appeared at Welshpool Magistrates’ Court, where he admitted speeding, saying it was “completely his decision”.

He told the court he had left work later than usual and was rushing home to see his sick mother.

Dr Rachael Jones, chair of the bench, told him: “My colleagues and I were shocked and dismayed by this driving, it’s appalling.

“At that time of day there would be many other road uses. You could have caused a fatality. It’s disgraceful.”

Along with the ban, Jones was ordered to pay a £403 fine and a victim surcharge of £161.

Source: Shropshire Star


  1. As Captain Mannering would say Stupid Boy

    • EXACTLY what I was going to say 😆
      On a serious note though… he was crass. But he’s not on his own, you see it everywhere everyday … he was unlucky, he got caught. And a good thing too !

  2. What was the length of the ban? Those speeds in a 60 must surely constitute dangerous driving. His licence should have been revoked and once his ban was over, he should have taken an extended test.


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