Mechanic on disability benefits refused to return to work

Iuliu Mahomed Rostas appeared in court in Ireland

Mechanic on disability benefits refused to return to work
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A judge in Ireland has questioned why a mechanic earning €433 a week would return to work when he can receive more on benefits.

Iuliu Mahomed Rostas injured his ring finger at work, but refused to return to Castle Mechanical Handling when it healed, choosing to receive €570 a week in disability payments.

In Ireland, the State can recover benefits paid to an individual as a result of a personal injury for which compensation has been claimed.

Circuit Civil Court heard how Rostas’ employers weren’t liable for the repayment of the €110,000 the mechanic had received since refusing to return to work. In other words, Castle Mechanical Handling would have to compensate the State for the disability payments.

Representing the business, Barrister Shane English said: “Not returning to work had nothing to do with this accident. Your fingers were strapped together for a number of weeks. You had no further treatment and you made no claim against the defendant for loss of earnings.”

Judge James McCourt accepted this, saying: “Who would go back to work for €433 a week when they are in receipt of €570 a week disability allowance?”

When asked if he could have returned to work with fingers strapped together, Rostas refused to answer, which the judge took as yes.

Source: Sunday World

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