Next MOT “unaffordable” for 40% of motorists, research finds

Five million drivers admitted they have been driving without a valid MOT certificate in the past year

Next MOT “unaffordable” for 40% of motorists, research finds
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Four in ten motorists fear they can’t afford their next MOT and half of them admit they would continue to drive their car anyway, new research has found.

The Halfords research, which was carried out in partnership with the charity Family Action, found that nearly 40 per cent of drivers believe that they cannot afford their next MOT or think it would be too expensive.

Some 45 per cent of them admitted that they intend to carry on driving without one.

Meanwhile, five million drivers across the UK admitted that they have been driving without a valid MOT certificate in the past year.

The study also revealed that four in five motorists are concerned about at least one motoring-related cost in the next 12 months.

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The top three worries for drivers are fuel (62 per cent), repairs (43 per cent) and insurance (40 per cent).

Chris Lunn of Halfords Autocentres, said: “The findings raise serious concerns about the ability of Brits to afford key, safety-related, motoring expenses like MOTs, as well as the potential dangers this could lead to in the form of millions of cars on our roads without an MOT certificate.

“Those struggling to make ends meet are most likely to not be able to afford their MOT – but for this group, it could lead to a dangerous cycle of poverty.

“Not having an MOT puts them at risk of losing their car, and therefore their job, making their financial situation far worse.”


  1. Bet they have the latest mobile phone, they go on holiday, the eat out, they have branded clothes, jean with holes in that they buy, we use to throw ours out after they cant be patched anymore.
    Priorities are no longer taught, food, mortgage / rent, getting to work which includes keeping the car legal should come first after that maybe maybe you can treat yourself or save the money for a later day.
    Sorry almost forgot some of these people afford to go to the pub and some also smoke.

    • spot on keith

  2. The survey would be more relevant if it was not financed by an interested party.

    • yes with halfords its like letting the fox into the henhouse

  3. Proof that extending the mot test from 12 to 24 months would give license for these vehicles to remain on the road potentially with dangerous defects but with road fund tax in place.

  4. we are a village garage and normally mot 110 vehicles a month on average
    since april this year we are at least 40% below this despite sending out reminders plus our trade customers have much the same story
    we can walk into the village and point out cars with no mot or tax still being used everyday and not getting stopped or fined
    the whole system is a mess much like the country
    running a garage has now become almost impossible and certainly no profit margins
    the whole mot scheme needs a kick up the arse


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