Motorists given ten-minute grace period after parking tickets expire

The British Parking Association has updated its code of practice to bring it in line with local authority car parks

Motorists given ten-minute grace period after parking tickets expire
Around 2.5 million parking tickets are issued by private companies each year.

The new code of practice applies to thousands of private car parks across the country.

The trade association’s chief executive, Patrick Troy, said: “We want to make it easier for motorists to park in whichever car park they use when they go about their daily business.

“By making private car parks as similar to local authority ones as possible, life becomes much simpler for the motorist.”

Commenting on the new code, RAC spokesman Simon Williams said the introduction was “a victory for common sense and is long overdue”.

However, AA president Edmund King warned that it was “pointless” to add new provisions to the code while operators were getting away with breaches of the old system.

The BPA recently disciplined operator UK Parking Control (UKPC) after its staff doctored photographs of parked vehicles to make it appear they had overstayed.

The BPA issued eight sanction points to UKPC, four more points and it will be suspended from the association.

Meanwhile, the DVLA has barred the operator from accessing drivers’ details, while it carries out its own investigation.

In-car smoking ban

More new rules introduced this month now mean that it is illegal to smoke in a private vehicle when someone under the age of 18-years-old is present.

The driver of the vehicle would also be committing an offence if they fail to stop a passenger from smoking in the vehicle with a child.

Failure to comply with the new rulings can lead to a fixed penalty notice of £50 for each offence, police will also be able to refer the offence to court.

The rules do not apply to electronic cigarettes.

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