New garage named in honour of owner’s parents

The Bear and Bee Garage is based in Grantham

New garage named in honour of owner’s parents
Photo: Bear and Bee Garage/Facebook

The new Bear and Bee Garage in Grantham, Lincolnshire, has been named in honour of the owner’s parents.

Russ Houlden took the opportunity to establish a new garage following the recent closure of Bourne Auto Centre. He is joined by his mother, Beverley Houlden, who ran the garage with her husband, Ian, until his death in November 2020.

Russ told the Grantham Journal he wanted to “honour both of them in my next move”, before adding: “Bear and Bee Garage Ltd is already an unusual name for a garage, but ‘Teddy Bear’ was my father’s nickname, hence the Bear, and ‘Bee‘ is my mother’s nickname.

“You could also say that the Bee represents the smaller vehicles and the Bear the larger ones.”

The garage is based at the premises of the former Sam Ballaam Motor Engineering in Grantham.

Russ added: “We offer a personal service, with friendly staff.

“We are taking the current staff on as part of the move as they already have a wealth of knowledge.

“We are looking to add our experience and abilities to the mix, providing incredible service. We want to be Grantham’s go-to garage [and] the first name on everybody’s lips.”

Click here to visit the Bear and Bee Garage Facebook page.

Source: Grantham Journal

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