New Head of Sogefi Aftermarket appointed

Mauro Prodi to drive profitable development of aftermarket filtration business

New Head of Sogefi Aftermarket appointed
The Board of Directors of Sogefi has announced Mauro Prodi Mauro Prodi as Aftermarket General Manager.

Mr Prodi will be a key part of the team implementing new strategies for the future development of Sogefi’s activities under the direction of Mr Laurent Hebenstreit.

He brings considerable experience of all aspects of the filtration business in the OE and Aftermarkets to his new position, having worked for Sogefi both in Spain and at its French headquarters.

Sogefi say his intimate knowledge of the sector guarantees continuity for the business and its customers.

New structure

From October 1st, 2015 a new ‘lean’ organisational structure has brought all Sogefi Group activities into one of three product-oriented business units: suspension components, air and cooling, and filtration.

Supporting this development, the Sogefi Aftermarket team has been strengthened by the recent recruitment of two new senior executives, Mr Pierre Courant and Mr Jacques de Villeplée.

Mr Courant joined the company as EMEA Aftermarket Sales Director last January and is coordinating the sales team to reinforce customer relationships, which include Temot, GROUPAUTO, ATR and Autodistribution.

Mr de Villeplée has been appointed Aftermarket Sales Director for France, responsible for Sogefi’s biggest market where it is market leader through its brand Purflux.

Speaking about the new structure and appointments, Mr Prodi said: “There are already many synergies between the OE and Aftermarket activities of Sogefi which are of considerable benefit to our customers.

“Bringing the two units closer together within a single business unit makes operational and commercial sense for the company and will benefit all our customers, who are the true heart of Sogefi’s continued success.”

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