Newly qualified driver smashes into house after selecting wrong gear

The driver was trying to reverse but ended up shooting forward into a pensioner's house

Newly qualified driver smashes into house after selecting wrong gear
The new driver's car smashed into a pensioner's house where his family were having a party.

A Peugeot 306, which wore green ‘P-plates’, was left hanging 10ft in the air after the driver had attempted a three-point turn.

Witness said the car leaped forward and knocked down a metal fence before colliding with a house where a pensioner had been enjoying a birthday meal with his family.

The man’s niece, who did not want to be named, said: “We had to do a double take. We couldn’t believe what we saw – a car sticking out of the side of his house.

“My uncle was inside celebrating his birthday at the time and having a family meal.

“It was lucky that it didn’t hit a little bit to the right as it would have gone through the kitchen window and someone may have been killed.”

The 42-year-old woman driver and her three passengers aged 38, 37 and 33 are reported to be left shaken but were unharmed during the incident.

George Williams, a 22-year-old student, who lives opposite said: “The car was turning in the street. I think the driver was expecting to go backwards but she must have got the wrong gear and sped forwards.”

Firefighters pulled the car from the house and paramedics checked the passengers for injuries.

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