Half of drivers fail to service their car before a long trip

Holiday Checks offer drivers’ peace of mind before the summer getaway

Half of drivers fail to service their car before a long trip
Checking the fluid levels before a long journey.

Research by the Good Garage Scheme has found that 54 per cent of drivers will not be getting their car serviced before their next long journey, while 15 per cent only get their cars serviced when they are thinking of selling them.

Dave Norton, the Good Garage Scheme’s Technical Manager, said: “We all look forward to the warmer weather and getting away for a well-deserved break, but as our research reveals, over half of drivers risk having a problem on their getaway by not having their car serviced before they depart.”

The study also found that more than a third of people opt for convenience and choose the closest garage to where they live, rather than researching any others that are rated for offering quality and a good service.

In response, the Good Garage Scheme is encouraging motorists to get their cars professionally checked to ensure they are safe, reliable and comfortable as the holiday season kicks in.

The 21-point check provides an expert assessment of a vehicle’s condition, examining essential areas including the condition and level of the coolant and engine oil, as well as the tyres, wiper blades, windscreen and lights.

The research also found that 32 per cent of drivers never check their air conditioning unit, where harmful bacteria and mould can build up in the ducts of ventilation systems.

Click ‘More Details’ below to visit the Good Garage Scheme website.

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