Pensioner crashes car into MOT centre

A.M. Autos has been forced to suspend trading due to structural damage

Pensioner crashes car into MOT centre
Photo: Google Street View

A Hampshire garage and MOT centre has been forced to suspend trading after a pensioner crashed his car into the building, causing severe structural damage.

The Daily Echo reports that the incident happened on Saturday morning, when an elderly man “had mistaken his throttle for a brake pedal”.

Alan Milford, owner of Ringwood-based A.M. Autos, told the paper his insurance company has told him to cease trading until the building is made safe.

The garage’s voicemail says: “Unfortunately, at the moment we’re closed due to a customer dropping the car off and, being elderly, has hit the throttle instead of the brake and going right through the front of the building which has taken out the main pillar.

“[The] insurance company won’t let us work in here at the moment so we’re in a bit of a dilemma waiting for them to see how long they’re going to take and where we are. 

“I can only apologise and obviously it’s a big inconvenience for all my customers and for us and we’ll certainly get back in contact and we’ll be trading again.  

“But I just can’t say how long at the moment. I’m sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.” 

A spokesperson for Hampshire Police said: “The vehicle involved – a Chrysler – collided with A.M. Autos on Ringwood Trading Estate. No injuries were reported.”

Source: Daily Echo


  1. Time for them to stop driving then

  2. I’ve never been wiped off my bike several times recently by pensioners who are just regarding so ahead because they probably can’t see more than a few feet. Unfortunately doctors are loathe to stop them driving until something like this really happens.

  3. You should not tar all elderly drivers with the same brush!

  4. I regularly see poor drivers on the motorway & streets and the majority are “younger drivers ( under 35 ) undertaking, not indicating on lane changes etc , it could easily of been one of them. !

  5. there no accounting for stupidity no matter the age

  6. We will all be old one day so bear that in mind when criticising old folk.
    They don’t realise they are not up to driving until something like this happens or member of family tells them ⚠️
    Same happened to my father, it was terrifying being a passenger with him.
    Exactly the same will happen to all of us so ……..


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