Plymouth garage goes bust with debts of £250k

Pilgrim Tyres had been trading for more than 40 years

Plymouth garage goes bust with debts of £250k
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A Plymouth tyre fitters has gone into liquidation after serving the local community for more than 40 years.

Pilgrim Tyres, which was part of the First Stop Tyre & Car Services network, called in liquidators and was wound up voluntarily in October, leaving debts totalling more than £250,000.

Reporting for the Plymouth Herald, William Telford says it will only be able to pay £2,900 towards a VAT and Income Tax bill of £36,000 owed to HM Revenue and Customs. It also owes £39,000 to Lloyds Bank and £120,000 to director Ricardo Norville, who supported the business via a director’s loan.

It is believed that eight people have lost their job as a result of the liquidation.

Source: Plymouth Herald

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