Police warn motorists over fake airbags

Hundreds of people bought counterfeit airbags online

Police warn motorists over fake airbags
Fake airbags bought online.

680 motorists have been warned in total, with 148 of those believed to have purchased counterfeit Honda CRV and Accord airbags.

The police are still continuing investigations into the remaining 532 purchases.

The investigation began last month after Honda and the Intellectual Property Office found the fake airbags being sold on eBay.

On sale from September 2013, the suspected counterfeit airbags were on sale for around £170 – half the price of the genuine product.

‘Real danger’

The police have advised that the potentially counterfeit airbags would not deploy as genuine ones would in the event of an accident, posing a real danger to drivers and passengers, with reports of Honda’s Swindon factory having conducted tests to confirm this.

The affected buyers have been advised to make contact with their garage immediately for necessary checks to ensure their car is safe to drive.

Police are liaising with eBay to remove any existing listings.

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