‘Multi-fleet’ 5W30 oils now available from GSF

90 per cent of garages listed 5W30 as the grade they ‘use the most’, survey shows

‘Multi-fleet’ 5W30 oils now available from GSF
5W30 ESL Multi-Fleet oil.

GSF Car Parts has launched two new Vetech multi-fleet engine oils; the standard service life, 5W30 SSL Pro, and extended service life, 5W30 ESL Pro.

The new 5W30 ESL Pro high performance multi-fleet extended service oil is built from 100 per cent synthetic purity TM VHVI base oils and delivers long-life performance with resistance to thermal breakdown, engine wear and deposit formulation.

The new 5W30 SSL Pro universal performance multi-fleet standard service oil is a multi-grade low sulphur and phosphorous oil that offers low friction with universal performance.

It provides optimum performance and improved fuel economy, leading to reduced CO2 emissions, whilst also delivering a high level of protection and lubrication.

Workshop oil stock

A third of garages stock more than five types of oil, with almost two thirds keeping over £500 of oil in stock, GSF found in a recent survey.

One survey respondent said: “It’s the different specifications required by each make, model and engine type.

“There are so many blends, with different additives, that we don’t stock any oil now.”

82 per cent said they could see benefits in keeping fewer types of oil, with a significant majority reporting that vehicle manufacturer guidelines on which oils to use had become ‘more confusing’ in recent years.

John Wright, head of garage equipment and customer development, said: “The new Vetech multi-fuel oil gives the potential for garages to simplify their 5W30 stocks.”

To find out more about the new oils contact your local GSF branch, or click ‘more details’ below.

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