RAC send mechanic in Devon to a stricken woman stuck 754 miles away after a breakdown on Orkney

Hayley Green was advised that it may take longer than an hour

RAC send mechanic in Devon to a stricken woman stuck 754 miles away after a breakdown on Orkney

Hayley Green anticipated being in for a long wait for a mechanic to arrive and fix her car when it broke down on a remote Scottish island. What she didn’t expect was having to wait for a repairman who was 754 miles away for 14 and a half hours.

Ms. Green’s electric car’s warning display came up while she was travelling through Stromness, Orkney, so the council employee made contact with the RAC via it’s online portal and provided her information, including her address and postcode, but she was taken aback when the mechanic who had been assigned to assist her called to confirm he had the correct postcode and said he was in Devon.

The mechanic laughed when she told him where she was, she said to BBC Radio Orkney, adding: “He said he thought it might take him a little bit longer than an hour to get to me.”

But despite how polite and friendly he was, we both realised that he wasn’t going to be my guy.

Ms. Green stated, “My car hasn’t been able to be repaired, so it’s got to go off to be fixed but that’s a different problem,” after arranging for a nearby garage to come and pick up the Nissan.

‘The truth is that I was abandoned in Stromness when a Devonian man was waiting for me.

‘I haven’t looked to see if Devon has a [similar] postcode, but if it does, I would be quite surprised.’

The RAC apologised to Ms. Green and informed her that it was looking into a potential issue with their online system.

“The service [Ms. Green] received was unfortunately not up to our usual high standard,” a spokesman stated. We’re investigating possible causes by checking potential internet breakdown reports from Orkney. According to BBC Radio Orkney, there have been two instances in which RAC members have been involved, as well as one other occurrence involving a member of a different national recovery society. However, how those drivers reported their issues is unclear.

Source Mail Online

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