Specialist warns over lack of diesel reman standards

Independents are being urged to be careful what they fit to their customers' cars

Specialist warns over lack of diesel reman standards
Feather diesel pump.

Aftermarket specialist Feather Diesel Services (FDS) has spoken out to warn an independent market increasingly focused on price to be careful over what they are buying and fitting.

It warns that words like ‘remanufactured’ or ‘reconditioned’ in the context of diesel engine components mean exactly what each supplier decides they should, making it virtually impossible to accurately compare quality and value between suppliers.

Steve Smith, managing director of FDS, said: “The root cause of the problem is the lack of universal build specifications from the OE manufacturers.

“They don’t define what should be done when their products are remanufactured, and the market can fall into the trap of assuming it’s all the same.

“It’s just easier for people to look at a price, rather than the processes involved in top-quality remanufacturing.”

a poor qualit

A poor quality reman pump.

FDS has identified four key areas where costs are being cut in diesel remanufacturing.

These are first, not replacing some components, secondly, not cleaning properly, thirdly, not testing and fourthly, through use of non-genuine components. All of these directly impact quality and reliability.

Feather Diesel is approved by the world’s leading diesel OEMs to repair a full range of diesel components and carries car and CV vehicle manufacturer approvals.

Independent garages can benefit from a free UK collection and delivery service for repairs, with reconditioned service exchange units available from stock.

For further information or technical advice call 01422 387800.

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