TikTok video highlights ‘silly little’ reason for failing an MOT

The items can be removed by a tester prior to the MOT

TikTok video highlights ‘silly little’ reason for failing an MOT
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A tabloid newspaper has dusted off a TikTok video from September 2022 to highlight the ‘stupid little’ modification that can lead to a car failing its MOT test.

Eurofit Autocentres was responding to a question from a viewer, who asked: “What’s the stupidest way a car failed its MOT?”

The mechanic said: “You know when you have stuff hanging from your rear-view mirror? As you’re turning, it can sway into your vision.

“That would fail an MOT. Silly little things like that.”

According to the DVSA, an MOT tester “should only fail the windscreen if the view is significantly affected. If only the driver’s view of the sky or the bonnet is affected, it should not be rejected.”

It adds: “You can remove items such as a sat nav or air fresheners that obstruct the driver’s view of the road. However, make sure you tell the driver.”

Source: The Sun


  1. Clearly you would remove it

  2. I have failed cars for having things dangling from the mirror. I think 17 air fresheners tangled around each other is a bit more than I can be expected to remove before testing. If removing them changes the result of the test I will do it. If it’s failed on other items it can have a fail for the danglies and the customer can remove them before the retest.


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