TRW Aftermarket celebrates a successful year

TRW set to secure additional market share and maximise brand awareness in 2016

TRW Aftermarket celebrates a successful year
It’s estimated that by 2020, the global output of the entire automotive industry will be $5 trillion, investment in new parts plants will reach $4.2 billion and materials demand will increase by 43 per cent.

Following a successful 2015, TRW Aftermarket has revealed that it’s in its ‘best shape ever’ and has set out plans to focus on its ‘corner module’ and to capitalise on industry trends.

In May 2015, in a deal which created the second largest automotive supplier in the world, TRW Aftermarket became part of ZF’s division of Active & Passive Safety Technology.

Kevin Price, UK marketing manager at TRW Aftermarket, said: “Our many successes include: extending the ‘perfect match’ initiative which advocates the dual fitment of our brake pads and discs to include heavier vehicles, strengthening the digital offer by enhancing user experience of the on-line integrated catalogue, and launching the multi-channel ‘true originals’ product campaign – a part of which generated 420,000 Views on YouTube, over a three-month period.

“In 2016 and beyond, we will continue to support our customers by focusing on product innovation, range development and the added value initiatives which differentiate our business from the competition.”

New industry trends

TRW say new industry trends are creating more opportunities for the company as technology continues to develop but warned that technicians must have access to ever changing knowledge or risk going out of business in the future.

Kevin Price explained: “Releasing more than 500 new Corner Module parts in 2015 has helped ensure that garages don’t need to turn away business because the car on the ramp is too new.

“Further down the supply chain, this strategy also helps uphold the philosophy behind Block Exemption, by giving consumers a service choice beyond the main dealer.”

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