Video: Automotive sound dampening impresses show goers

Instructional video brings ‘Dynamat difference’ to life

Video: Automotive sound dampening impresses show goers
Dynamat at the Classic Car Show in Birmingham, NEC.

Celsus, the European distributor of Dynamat, has produced a video to explain Dynamat remains the European industry leader in automotive sound dampening.

Filmed at the Classic Car Show at the NEC Birmingham in November, Dynamat’s director of business development, Chris Bennett, walks the viewer through the range.

The Dynamat Xtreme sound deadening demos proved a talking point for attendees at the show, who discovered the ‘Dynamat difference’ for themselves after hitting drum symbols treated with the product.

Talking at the Classic Car Show, Ian Webb of Ian Webb Specialist Cars said: “We fit to every car that we sell, we take the carpet off and we fit the product.”

The Dynaliner thermal barrier solutions were also ‘made simple’ by Chris Bennett, who explained where a foot of fibreglass insulation in homes could provide up to a 30ºF reduction in heat transfer, just half an inch of Dynaliner combined with Dynamat Xtreme saves 100ºF in thermal transfer.

To find out more about the Dynamat, click the ‘more details’ link below.

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