Tuning company found guilty of fitting ‘pop and bang’ exhausts

Follows an investigation by the DVSA's Market Surveillance Unit

Tuning company found guilty of fitting ‘pop and bang’ exhausts
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A Wakefield-based tuner has been fined after being found guilty of advertising and fitting exhaust systems that make vehicles illegal for road use.

This follows an investigation by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

In the first case of its kind, the DVSA won an action against AET Motorsport for fitting an “unsuitable part to a vehicle which would make it illegal to be used on the road”.

The DVSA’s Market Surveillance Unit commissioned the tuning company to fit an aftermarket exhaust system to a Ford Fiesta ST. It found that a link pipe had been fitted in place of the catalytic converter – an immediate MOT failure – along with a ‘pop and bag’ engine remap to push the exhaust noise beyond the legal limit.

AET Motorsport failed to provide any warnings that the modifications were unsuitable for road use.

Christopher Dormand, DVSA’s head of the Market Surveillance Unit, said: “DVSA’s Market Surveillance Unit ensures vehicles, vehicle parts and vehicle accessories sold in the UK meet required specifications and are safe for people to buy. This investigation shows DVSA takes this activity seriously and we will continue to take strong action on offenders.”

AET Motorsport was found guilty by magistrates of fitting a “Pop and Bang Remap Software Upgrade” and given an order for fines and costs totalling £7,234.

Source: Evo


  1. Good. Now go after the euro6 repa poets as well !

  2. Good I despise this

  3. Time to get the DPF deleter’s and Adblue mapping services


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