Valeo lights up the Obelisk in Paris’ Place de la Concorde

Artist collaborates with Valeo to create as part of the International Year of Light initiative launched by UNESCO

Valeo lights up the Obelisk in Paris’ Place de la Concorde
The inspiring construction is a result of artist, Milène Guermont's partnership with Valeo.

The monumental installation named ‘Phares’ uses 128 of Valeo’s Cibié OSCAR LED headlamps attached to a delicate gold-coloured metal framework shaped like a pyramid.

The ‘haute couture’ artwork, highlights France’s cultural heritage and will illuminate the obelisk until February 2016.

The Valeo headlamps, selected by Milène Guermont, are consistent with the sustainable energy commitments set out by the COP21.

The Cibié OSCAR 100 per cent LED headlamps provide unrivalled lighting power, visible from up to 2,200 meters away, delivering energy savings of around 70 per cent and lasting ten times longer than halogen bulbs.

The OSCAR beams will project light from the installation well beyond the Place de la Concorde and the Palais Bourbon.


Valeo’s new high performing OSCAR LED range was launched in 2014 under the famous Cibié brand in addition of the existing OSCAR Halogen range.

Designed to fit will all types of vehicles, the high performing New OSCAR LED range, consists of the Mini OSCAR LED (5.6”/ 145mm), the OSCAR LED (7”/ 180mm) and the Super OSCAR® LED (9”/230mm).

The design combines different kinds of model colours: full black, black/chromium ring, full chrome, and even customizable.

Valeo has developed a wide array of innovative products and technologies that represented 35% of its order intake in 2014.

To find out more about the range available from Valeo, select ‘More Details’ below.

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