Video: dashcam footage captures technician’s private conversation

Owner secretly films from his car's dashcam and decides to never return again

Video: dashcam footage captures technician’s private conversation
The owner questions the behaviour of his garage after watching his dashcam video.

This dashcam footage, which has been viewed more than 3,000 times on YouTube, shows the car entering the workshop to replace a worn wheel bearing, unbeknown to the technicians working on the vehicle.

Two technicians can be heard discussing cost, margins and quotes in an unprofessional manner that could easily cause issue to the watching public.

The owner explains in the YouTube comments that he had no particular issue with the conversation but questioned if the work could carried ‘properly’ in the ten minute time frame that one of the technicians can be heard boasting and the way in which his car was “mistreated by unnecessarily revving the engine.”

As the owner picks up his car and manoeuvres it from what he believes was a deliberately awkward spot, he claims he “will not be going back there again.”

Don’t forget to read why you need to beware of dashcams in your workshop, take part in our new online dashcam poll and share your thoughts on this covert dashcam footage. Is the owner being unreasonable in his judgments or does he have a point?


  1. looking at time monitor in left of screen I wonder when the car was worked on as it never appears to be jacked or lifted. can a wheel bearing be replaced without wheel off?

  2. Under the Data Protection Act it is an offence to film someone and then post it on a public forum and especially if it shows faces of those who do not wish to be filmed. It is a form of entrapment and an injunction should be sought to remove it followed with a claim in damages.

    This does not mitigate a failure to do the job or overcharge. A bargain is made if an offer to repair is accepted and a price is agreed for the work to be done if it takes 5 mins or 10 hours. I have not seen the footage yet but customers also need to check out prices and workshops need to look at pricing policies. A customer needs to understand parts, labour and VAT if charged as a minimum. A failure to clearly give this information will lead to arguments and distrust.

    • Thanks for your insightful comment Z.Ahmed. I have since spoke to the Information Commissioner’s Office, who have indicated that such usage would indeed be illegal.
      You would have thought that dashcam footage, captured whilst in a private environment such as a garage workshop would be covered by the same rules as CCTV cameras, meaning they cannot show the footage publicly unless they have consent to do so.


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