Video: dramatic footage reveals police bravery in M6 collision

Watch the moment two officers put their lives at risk to stop a dementia sufferer driving the wrong way

Video: dramatic footage reveals police bravery in M6 collision
The two policemen were given their commendations by West Midlands Police chief constable Chris Sims.

Two police officers have been commended for their bravery after they put themselves in danger to bring the 77-year-old driver to a stop in August last year.

The dashcam footage shows the moment PC Craig Graves and PC Steven Hudson remained in position and successfully stopped the Honda Jazz.

As the Jazz approached the police car at speed, PC Graves attempts to alert the 77-year-old of their presence by using his sirens and angles the police car in such a way that prevented serious injury to either party.

Despite being in shock, the officers ensured that the driver, who had been reported missing by his family, was unhurt in the incident before securing the scene. PC Hudson suffered bruising and whiplash from the crash.

PC Graves said: “I thought the driver of the Honda would see our lights and slow to a stop, but he didn’t and just kept coming towards us.

“I turned slightly to the left in order to make contact while lessening the sudden impact, forcing the vehicle into the central reservation.

“Fortunately this worked but contrary to what I said on the in-car video, there was considerable damage to our vehicle.

“When PC Hudson approached the elderly man, he wasn’t wearing his seat belt so a head-on collision could have been fatal.

“The vehicle directly behind us – which would have been in the path of the Honda – contained a dad and his three young children, so it was very fortunate the end result was successful and nobody was seriously injured.”

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