Video: EDT machine gets high praises from technicians in new ITN film

Engine detox treatment is highlighted in programme about the automotive industry

Video: EDT machine gets high praises from technicians in new ITN film
EDT engine detox machine stars in ITN film.

A new ITN programme has helped raise awareness about engine decontamination, promoting the benefits for the consumer, the environment, as well as the garage undertaking the work.

Neil Hutchinson of Mercury Car Centre in Brentwood told ITN: “It’s one of the few things these days that you do on the vehicle and people come back and say I can feel a difference.”

The EDT machine connects to the engine via the oil filter housing and sump, and circulates oil around the engine, taking just Mercury Car Centre 13 minutes to remove up to half a litre of black sludge containing carbon, metallic particles and other contaminants.

The results are likened to that of a manual engine strip, with fuel economy increased by up to 20 per cent, power increased by up to 6bhp and torque increased by up to 7ft-lb.

CO is also reduced by an average of 66 per cent and diesel smoke reduced by an average of 58 per cent.

Glen Miller, owner of Millers Garage in Newbury told ITN: “Because cars are running longer distances now, cars now with technology and lubrication can do 200,000 – 300,000 miles so from that point of view, if you can keep the engine in good working order, it’s going to last longer and it’s also good for the environment because it brings the emissions down.”

To find out more about EDT or if you want a demonstration of the machine, call 01233 712 341 or click ‘more details’ below.

Look out for more clips from the ‘Driving Change’ over the coming weeks in the GW news bulletin.

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