Video: GWTV gets access-all-areas at Draper Tools HQ

Draper Tools has grown its range of automotive tools to become one of the most comprehensive in the UK

Video: GWTV gets access-all-areas at Draper Tools HQ
For technicians working in the trade the Draper Expert range is designed to withstand the rigours of daily workshop use.

Based in Chandler’s Ford, near Southampton is what’s thought to be the largest stock of tools in the UK.

The ever-expanding operation now exceeds 600,000 sq.ft and is home to Draper Tools.

The brand’s renowned blue logo can be found on an essential selection of automotive tools, equipment and accessories for professional vehicle technicians.

The all-encompassing range includes tools and equipment for vehicle servicing, engine timing and diagnostics to engine cranes, hoists, jacks, mechanics creepers and winches.

Invited down for a complete tour of its warehouses, offices and showroom, GW took up the opportunity to ask representatives across the company to reveal why independent garages can rely on Draper Tools and its Draper Expert range.

Automotive product manager, Guy Foster describes the quality behind Draper’s brands: “The minimum standard for Draper is above the German DIN Standard.

“Draper Expert is made for the trade; therefore, we make sure our Expert range performs significantly above the DIN Standard.

“It’s a professional tool, made for professionals.”

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