Video: How to loosen a corroded steering bolt with Mini-Ductor II+

A safe, fast way to loosen a rusted or seized fastener

Video: How to loosen a corroded steering bolt with Mini-Ductor II+
How to remove a stubborn steering bolt easily with the Mini-Ductor II +.

Removing a rusted, corroded, or locked steering bolt is often a lengthy, difficult and frustrating task, especially if using a ratchet wrench.

It usually requires the application of penetrating fluid, or blasting the area with a torch – a time consuming, dangerous job that can cause unwanted damage.

The Mini-Ductor® II + (MD800P) handheld induction heating tool heats metal parts in seconds, allowing all types of adhesives bonded to metal, fasteners bonded with thread lock compound, and seized hardware to be removed and released much quicker and safer than by traditional naked flame heating. 

Using a torch leads to heat being blown away from the load, wasting its energy and transferring its heat to unwanted areas.

With the Mini-Ductor® II + nearly all the energy pulled is applied to the load, using invisible heat, making the tool faster and more energy efficient.

Coils come in different diameters to suit different nut sizes and the Bearing Buddy flexible, heat resistant coil is ideal for this application.

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